Before any project is started you must make a half down payment. You will be required to fillout the order form in full detail as to what your looking to have designed to eliminate any type of misunderstandings between the designer and client.


Unless if what you requested in your order form does not match the design we provided you with yo will not be entitled to a refund. For instance say you pay half payment of $60 which is $30 to have a flyer design created and we design in full what you asked and you come back and say you changed your mind you don't what the design anymore you are not entitled to your half payment. The half payment is to cover the time labor and dedication that is put into your work.


Although you may have paid upfront half payment the copyrights to the design is still owned by Ctdgraphicx until the remainder of the final payment is made. This means until the final half payment been made you may not post the item on any social sites, have anything printed or request that Ctdgraphicx copyright watermark be removed unless you have paid the remainder amount of your project and Ctdgraphicx have released full of the design over over to you.

Paid in full amount:

We do accept paid in full amount however keep in mind the same rules apply on refunds, and unless if you receive a design totally from what you asked for you will not be entitled a half refund. 

Q: "I paid in full amount but not I don't want the design anymore can I get a refund"?

A: You can get a refund of half the price and if you received any work without the Ctdgraphicx watermark on it you will be required to sign a form covering everything on that you were not satisfied with your design and would like your other half payment back and that you no longer have rights to the design.